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AAPS Board Approves AAEA Contract; Reviews Superintendent Evaluation

Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education regular meeting (August 19, 2015):

Pioneer High School Little Theater

7:02 PM The microphones and the camera is still being set up for the board meeting. No trustees are yet present.

The trustees began their day together at 3:30 this afternoon, to finish their retreat that began last Wednesday. They broke off at 5:30 to vote themselves into an executive session, presumably for attorney/client privilege.

7:05 PM Board President Deb Mexicotte makes her way down to the stage. Trustees Andy Thomas and Patricia Manley are right behind her.

7:07 PM Vice President Christine Stead and trustees Donna Lasinski, Simone Lightfoot, and Susan Baskett make their way to their seats. About twenty members of the public are present right now.

7:11 PM Superintendent Jeanice Swift joins the board at the stage.

7:13 PM Mexicotte calls the meeting to order. All trustees are present.


Mexicotte asks to add the approval of the tentative agreement with AAEA to before Public Commentary. She also asks to add that they add the settlement of Case 15-15-1220 to Board Action.

Stead asks CivCity and the AADL Summer Program to be added to agenda.

7:16 PM Tentative agreement with AAEA. David Comsa, Deputy Superintendent Human Resources & Employee Relations, recommendation of admin that board adopts the tentative agreement.

No discussion. Unanimous approval. Continue reading AAPS Board Approves AAEA Contract; Reviews Superintendent Evaluation