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2017/18 AAPS Budget is Approved

Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education regular meeting (June 21, 2017): Forsythe Middle School, 1655 Newport Rd

The Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) Board of Education (BOE) trustees will vote themselves into executive session at 5:00 PM this evening, citing attorney/client privilege and for “strategy and negotiation sessions connected with the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement.” Executive sessions are closed to the public. The regular meeting begins at 7:00 PM.

The meeting will begin with special recognition of Ken Fischer, the director of University Musical Society (UMS). Fischer will retire from UMS on June 30, 2017. Glenn Nelson, former AAPS trustee, will also be recognized.

The second public hearing on the 2017-18 budget will be held. This is a chance for the public to comment directly on the budget, distinct from the regular public commentary, which will also be held. No members of the public spoke at the first public hearing on June 14.

Three information items will be presented. The Culture and Climate Annual Report will be given. Superintendent Jeanice Swift will given an update on Fall 2017 Enrollment. There will also be an update on Summer Enrichment from Rec & Ed. [Ed. note: These items have been removed from the agenda and will be presented at a meeting in the future.]

The trustees will hear several first briefing items: the MHSSA Membership Renewal for the 2017/18 School Year; College and Career Planning – Naviance Platform; Sinking Fund Paving and Concrete Projects; Playgrounds; Sexual Health Education Advisory Committee (SHEAC) Annual Report and Recommendations; New Draft Policy 5010 – Non Discrimination; and New Draft Policy 5011 – Transgender and Gender Non Conforming Students.

Four items are up for second briefing: Tech Bond Computer Purchase; Summer Gym Floor Restorations; Allen Renovations Phase II – Structural Steel and Roofing: Thermal and Moisture Upgrades.

Those four items will be on the consent agenda, which the trustees will vote on.

In addition to voting on the consent agenda, board action will be taken on two issues. The trustees will vote to approve the 2016/17 Final Budget Amendment. they will also vote to approve the 2017/18 Budget.

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