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AAPS Trustees Focus on Suspension Rates

Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education regular meeting (May 9, 2018): Forsythe Middle School, 1655 Newport Rd

Tonight’s Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) Board of Education (BOE) regular meeting begins at 7PM.

The annual Student Conduct report will be given as an information item. No board action is taken on information items.

There are two first briefing items on the docket. The trustees will hear a review of the 2018-19 Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD) budget. All school districts in Washtenaw County are required to vote on the WISD budget. There will also be a briefing on Summer 2018 Infrastructure Improvements: Paving Restorations, Asphalt, and Storm Water Repairs.

Items up for second briefings: 2015 Bond Classroom Enhancements: Phase III Furniture Purchase; Disaster Mitigation Services; Pattengill Structural Restoration; and Ductwork Replacement: Skyline Natatorium.

The Phase III Furniture purchase is for the five high schools. The total estimated cost of the Phase III furniture will not exceed $3M. Each classroom will contain standing height learning options for students and teachers, movement enabled seating choices, desks or tables supporting flexible configurations, and small group learning tables.

In the event of a natural or man-made emergency, the AAPS Physical Properties Department recommends approving a two-year contract to Sunglo Restoration Services. Funding will be dependent upon disaster and extent of damage.

Pattengill Elementary’s computer room has settled in excess of two inches, which has caused cracking in the concrete block wall and depressions in the concrete slab. The recommended repairs will cost $52,400 and will be paid out of the Sinking Fund.

The recommendation is to replace the current fabric ductwork in the Skyline High School Natatorium with metal ductwork. The ductwork replacement will be cost $124,900 and will be paid out of the Sinking Fund.

The trustees will vote on the second briefing items during the consent agenda.

The board will take action on approving a notice calling for a public hearing for the 2018/19 budget.

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