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AAPS Board OKs Labor Deals, Policy Changes

Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) board of education regular meeting (June 24, 2015):

7:02 PM Huron High School auditorium continues to fill up. The trustees are not seated, most likely still in their executive session.

7:12 PM So far, approximately 200 peopleĀ are in the audience for tonight’s meeting, and more continue to enter the auditorium. Trustee Andy Thomas is the sole trustee at the table.

7:16 PM Vice President Christine Stead and Trustees Donna Lasinski and Susan Baskett approach the table.

7:19 PM President Deb Mexicotte and Trustee Patricia Manley have now sat down.

7:21 PM Superintendent Jeanice Swift and Trustee Simone Lightfoot have joined them. The entire board is present, but the meeting has not yet been called to order. The audience has grown to ~275 people, many wearing blue Support Ann Arbor Teacher shirts.

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