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Board Unclear About Huron IB; Considers Expanding Mitchell Campus

Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education study session (January 20, 2016): W. Scott Westerman Preschool and Family Center

Tonight’s study session focuses on 2016-17 program enhancements.

Study sessions allow the trustees to explore a topic more in depth than is usually allowed for at a regular meeting. There will be no voting at tonight’s meeting.

5:49 PM The meeting has yet to be called to order. Technical difficulties have been cited.

5:50 PM President Deb Mexicotte calls the meeting to order. All trustees are present.


INFORMATION ITEM: 2016-17 Program Enhancements

5:51 PM To the “average parent or teacher,” Swift says, this planning work may seem a bit early. Five areas they will be discussing:

  • Early Childhood (including preschool and Young 5s)
  • STEAM, Project Lead the Way
  • World Language Enhancements
  • Focus on Middle School Enhancements
  • International Baccalaureate

Will end with some proposed changes to Mitchell Elem campus due to experienced demand.

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AAPS Board Positions Unchanged for 2016

Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education Annual Organizational Meeting (January 13, 2016): Ann Arbor District Library, 4th Floor – 343 S. Fifth Avenue
The first board meeting in January is dedicated to organizing the trustees for the remainder of the year. While I was unable to attend this year’s organizational meeting, I am able to report out the end results.

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AAPS Board of Ed Raises Sub Pay; Talks Policy

Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education regular meeting (October 28, 2015): Forsythe Middle School auditorium

The board is holding an executive session at 5:30 PM, citing attorney/client privilege.

During the regular meeting, beginning at 7:00 PM, the trustees will first observe a moment of silence for Crystal Westfield. They will hear an update on immunizations, the annual staffing report, the substitute teacher plan, and the monthly budget monitoring report. There will be a first briefing on several policy revisions, most notably increasing the year end balance of the General Fund from a range of 5 to 15 percent of the previous year’s expenditures to a range of 6 to 15 percent and dropping bussing provided for students “enrolled outside their school of assigned attendance.” [The revision of Policy 3760 was taken off the agenda at around 4:30 PM – it was added again after the meeting had begun.]

The board will be presented with special briefings on the City of Ann Arbor easement request for Stadium Blvd reconstruction project and the Burns Park Boiler Replacement Project Change Order, which an increase in the contract of $48,000 is requested.  The additional funds will accommodate the installation of a temporary boiler to provide immediate heat to the Burns Park building during the staging and installation process of the permanent boiler. The total contract amount for the Burns Park Boiler Replacement Project would end up being $546,000, funded through the Sinking Fund.

Voting tonight will be on the easement request from the City of Ann Arbor and the release of the additional $48,000 for the Burns Park boiler replacement.

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