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Howdy. I’m Monet. I’m a photographer, sometimes writer, wife to my best friend, mom to three pretty dang wonderful kids. I’m also passionate about supporting public education and increasing civic engagement. And camping. I love camping.

AnnArbivore used to be my food blog. Way back when, I used to write about eating locally in Ann Arbor, how my family used up its CSA share, things like that. I’ve since changed its focus.

In order for a democracy to function well, citizens need to be well-informed. We are now living, however, in a time of increasingly diminishing local news coverage. To help counteract that, I work to provide unbiased and extensive coverage of the Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education meetings.

I realize that while many people would like to know more about what is happening at school board meetings, they are unable to attend the meetings, which often run four+ hours. AnnArbivore is a resource for those people, providing real-time access to meeting proceedings.

I live-blog each regular board meeting and study session. But it’s difficult to sustain without support from concerned citizens like you. If the coverage I’m producing at AnnArbivore is valuable to you, please support it by becoming a patron and share it with others.



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