AAPS BOE Study Session: 6/20/18

Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education study session/regular meeting (June 20, 2018): Forsythe Middle School, 1655 Newport Rd

Tonight’s meeting of the Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) Board of Education (BOE) trustees will be a combination of a regular meeting, where board work gets done, and a study session. Study sessions allow for deeper dives into informative topics where there is no vote. The meeting begins at 5:30.

[[I cannot make it to this meeting. Please tune in to CTN Ann Arbor for the livestreaming or for the rebroadcast.]]

During the regular meeting, there are two first briefing items:  Cafeteria Table Replacements and Soundfield System Refresh: Phase III. 

The two second briefings include the Mitchell Elementary Cafeteria Enhancements and the Haisley Elementary Renovations: New Classroom and Computer Lab.

The Mitchell project will consist of enhancements to the cafeteria to accommodate an additional service line. The recommendation is for the bid to go to Heaney General Contracting of Ypsilanti for a total of $143,460. The Sinking Fund will provide the funding.

The Haisley project will include repurposing an existing space to create a new classroom and computer lab. The recommendation is to approve the contract to Construction Solutions, Inc. of Brighton in the total amount of $215,8000. Funding will be provided from the Sinking Fund.

The trustees will vote on the second briefing items when they vote on the consent agenda.

The study session items will include an update on the 3rd Grade Reading Plan; Student Safety & Emotional Supports; and 2017-18 High School Academic Initiatives.

Board action will be taken to approve an AAPS BOE Statement on the Social Studies Proposed Changes.

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2 thoughts on “AAPS BOE Study Session: 6/20/18”

  1. Monet, you’re a week behind. Study session was last week. Our last regular meeting is tonight. We won’t meet again until Mid-late August. (Yes, I know AAPS just posted this Study Session on FB.)

    1. No, I know. Last week, I couldn’t write this up and I didn’t attend. I was just putting this up as recognition of the study session. I have tonight’s meeting up, too. And I’ll be there!

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