AAPS Board Positions Unchanged for 2016

Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education Annual Organizational Meeting (January 13, 2016): Ann Arbor District Library, 4th Floor – 343 S. Fifth Avenue
The first board meeting in January is dedicated to organizing the trustees for the remainder of the year. While I was unable to attend this year’s organizational meeting, I am able to report out the end results.

 During the 2016 Organizational Meeting, the following action/appointments took place:
Board Officers
  • President: Deb Mexicotte
  • Vice President:  Christine Stead
  • Secretary:  Andy Thomas
  • Treasurer: Donna Lasinski
  • Parliamentarian: Simone Lightfoot
Board Committee assignments
  • Planning:  Stead (Chair), Susan Baskett, Patricia Manley
  • Performance: Thomas (Chair), Lightfoot, Manley
  • Governance: Mexicotte (Chair), Lightfoot, Lasinski
Administrative Committee assignments
  • Grade Change/Reinstatement: Stead & Lightfoot
  • City/Schools:  Lasinski, Stead, Baskett
  • Recreation Advisory Commission: Manley
  • Celebration of Excellence: Manley
  • Transportation Safety Committee: Thomas
  • Ann Arbor Public Schools Educational Foundation: Thomas
  • Health Place 101: Baskett
  • Washtenaw Association of School Boards (WASB): Stead & Lasinski
  • WASB Legislative Relations Network: Stead

The group email address for the Board of Education has changed to:  boardofed@a2schools.org 

In addition to making the position appointments, the trustees also approved the 2016 meeting schedule.
FIRST BRIEFING ITEM: Policy 1300 Revision  – Participation at Board Meetings
The board heard a recommended revision to Policy 1300, which deals with participation at board meetings. The revisions center around rules for public commentary. Under the new revisions, public commentators would be required to submit Public Commentary Cards and would be asked to announce not just their names, but their communities of residence.

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